Smart tourism - mobility challenge for the city

Library of Challenges

Short description: The increased number of tourists has led to poorer air quality due to emissions, constant traffic jams and a shortage of manpower in tourism. There is a need for an integrated solution to reduce traffic, use green technologies for mobility and interactive guiding tourist around attractions.

Market potential: There are no regulation restrictions. The demand is growing, possible operators: Hotels, Tourist Information Centers, customers are hotel guests and tourists in general.

Timing: Necessarily because it reduces the requirements for employees and a fully automated process of hiring and guiding tourists around the city.

Desired result: Our desired outcome are reduced emissions, positive impact on health and well-being of citizens, providing better working conditions and time efficiency due to less classic traffic.

Information on challenge owner: NGO/NPO.

Keywords: Smart tourism; Electric transportation; Reduced emissions; Interactive guide; Process optimization

type of
Finance or business model, Improvement of an existing process, Service development,
Industry Sector
Smart City
For Who
Public body, institution or other non-profit organisation
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