Patient companion app for respiratory diseases

Library of Challenges

Short description: Develop a patient companion app helping patients with chronic respiratory diseases (COPD) to better manage their daily life with the illness. Functionalities may include patient education (smoking cessation), adherence monitoring and tracking the illness progression, interaction with physician.

Market potential: COPD and asthma are the most common respiratory diseases affecting almost 100M patients in Europe. Enabling patients to moderate and improve health is crucial to quality of life with this illness.

Timing: The solution may be piloted right after it is made available and then exploited for integration in the clinical care pathway at University Clinic.

Desired result: Functional prototype of a smartphone app that can be used by patients and can be clinically tested with patients. Important is also that privacy and safety of patient data are ensured and other regulatory requirements are met. Desirable is also an interoperable component for data sharing with clinic.

Information on challenge owner: University Medical Center.

Keywords: Digital health; Patient self-management app; Respiratory diseases; Patient education; Patient empowerment

type of
Software solution,
Industry Sector
Health Tech
For Who
Public body, institution or other non-profit organisation
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