Creating marketplace for straw based materials such as straw and reed

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Short description: Lignocellulosic straw based materials have been identified as a potential raw material for new bio-refineries producing sustainable products such as textiles, plastics, composites and emulsions. A common net based mobile platform where sellers and buyers of straw and common reed meet, is needed.

Market potential: The digital marketplace can help biorefinery operators to get rawmaterial together with users like biogas, animal litter, composting etc. Farmers and other contractors could sell services like baling.

Timing: The basic design with hierarchy, features and software solution is needed in 12 months. The solution needs to be user friendly and ready for use as a mobile phone app and as a PC net based web site.

Desired result: Digital software solution as a market place for selling and buying straw based materials from the owners and contractors providing services for collection, baling and hauling the raw material for further use by bio-refineries, as composting and animal litter material etc.

Information on challenge owner: Micro SME (< 10 staff). Market presence of challenge owner: Active in one country. Keywords: Digital platform; Buyers and sellers; Raw material; Marketplace; Straw

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Software solution,
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