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Fae Technology

  Website: www.fae.technology

  Country: Italy

  Founding year: 1991

  Key technologies: IoT, Hardware and Firmware Design, Product Design, Innovation and Electronic Manufacturing

  Team size: 120

FAE Technology spa is a benefit company that operates in design, PoC development, industrial design, prototyping, manufacturing, and solution delivery in embedded electronics and custom electronics products. The company, through several dedicated and integrated assets, enables electronics innovation extremely rapidly.

Starting from an idea FAE Technology is able to develop a solution, validate its effectiveness, transform it into an industrial product, orchestrate the supply chain in a customized way, and manage the of manufacturing processes up to the go-to-volume of the product in the market. The extreme speed with which the company is able to execute the entire process is the main driver for competitiveness and value generation.

About the Solution: E2S-CityScan – Evolved Electronic Sensor for City Scanning

URBAN TECH Challenge: Moving Sensors – Creating insights for sustainable mobility

Challenge owner: INIT innovation in traffic systems SE (Germany)

Sector: Smart City

Funding received: up to 27000 EUR

Type: IoT Sensor (Hardware, Firmware and Software)

Customer focus: B2B

Target Market: Multi-country, Global

E2S-CityScan proposes a smart solution based on autonomous IoT devices to be installed on a fleet of urban vehicles (e.g. garbage trucks, bus) to collect data from the urban environment such as air quality and thermal conditions. The goal is to evolve and adapt the current IoT solution to new challenges raised by urban managers, to empower the impact of sustainable actions with relevant data.

The product reference is the proto device built within the MVP phase of the project and FAE Technology team brought a real sample of the IoT sensor to INIT as the benchmark for the custom product development.

E2S-CityScan infrastructure is based on some key distinctive features, first of all the modular and scalable Hardware design with a low-cost sensor unit that allows the project to adapt the data collection to the specific user’ need.
As a second step, the project will take the opportunity to augment and empower an existing infrastructure (e.g. bus fleet) without the need of a dedicated network of vehicles, and the deployment will be fast and easy with a minimum modification to the vehicle and a system that is completely autonomous in terms of communication network – based on LTE communication.

Meet the team
Meet the team
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