12 Finalists for the final URBAN TECH Pitch Competition announced

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In the context of URBAN TECH Final Event, organised in collaboration with ViennaUP20204, 12 solution providers have been selected to pitch at the central stage of ViennaUP2024, and compete for URBAN TECH Impact Award Prize!

The 12 solution providers are:

Greentech sector

Contiamo (Germany)

About the Solution: Contiamo SmartLoad

The Solution  is an electric load forecasting tool designed for large-scale utility management. It integrates predictive modeling and robust data infrastructure to analyze and classify electric load data efficiently. The solution offers significant improvements in forecasting accuracy, achieving a 10-15% enhancement over existing benchmarks. Its capabilities include handling up to 500,000 customers, delivering quick and efficient load predictions.
Key aspects of the product include its scalability, enabling continuous computations across a broad customer base, and its integration into existing infrastructure, which facilitates seamless operation within the utility provider’s environment. Contiamo SmartLoad is developed to support utility companies like Fronius GmbH in optimizing energy management strategies, particularly in transitioning to and expanding renewable energy solutions. This makes it a valuable tool for enhancing the operational efficiency and energy strategy of large-scale energy providers.

Ingeniousware (Germany)

About the Solution: WaterIng: Smarter Water Networks
The Solution is a cloud-based platform designed to automate and enhance the management of water networks. It provides tools for detailed visualization and management of water sectors, including tanks, pumps, and meters, and integrates a comprehensive data structure for handling water meter information and readings. This platform facilitates real-time calculations of water balances across different sectors and generates customized reports on water consumption.
Key features of the WaterIng platform include its ability to create and manage network diagrams online, seamlessly connect water meter data with network components, and provide real-time updates and reports. This makes it a valuable tool for water utilities seeking to improve operational efficiency and reporting accuracy. The pilot project with EWW demonstrated the platform’s capabilities and identified opportunities for further enhancements to user experience and internationalization. Future development will focus on expanding monitoring capabilities and adapting the platform for global use.

OmegaLambda (Germany)

About the Solution: E-Raptor
“E-Raptor: Energy real-time optimization controller” is a an energy management system designed to optimize electricity usage and reduce costs in real-time. It integrates dynamic electricity pricing, renewable energy generation, and peak load pricing into building and factory automation systems.
The E-Raptor was developed to handle multiple data streams and provide rapid optimization feedback, demonstrating the ability to enhance energy management significantly. This system supports detailed financial planning and operational adjustments in energy consumption, making it a powerful tool for companies looking to improve their energy efficiency and reduce costs. The pilot project confirmed the system’s effectiveness and its potential for broader application in energy consulting and management.

Waboost (Slovenia)

About the Solution: WWTP BOOSTER
The WWTP BOOSTER is an advanced wastewater treatment solution that utilizes Oxygen/Ozone nanobubble technology. This system offers a non-chemical, energy-efficient alternative to traditional wastewater aeration and disinfection methods. It improves dissolved oxygen levels, which enhances the effectiveness of aerobic digestion processes. Additionally, it significantly reduces or eliminates the need for chemicals in disinfection, contributing to environmental sustainability. The system integrates IoT technology for remote monitoring and control, optimizing operational efficiency and reducing labor costs. Designed to be scalable, the WWTP BOOSTER is suitable for various applications across the wastewater and water treatment industries.

Health Tech sector

LEDTailor (Finland)

About the Solution: An automatic & continuous disinfection solution to reduce and prevent cross-infections in healthcare
The Solution is an automated disinfection system designed to reduce cross-infections in healthcare environments through the use of blue light technology. This system includes a smart control module that automates the disinfection process, allowing for continuous operation without the need for manual input from hospital staff. The technology was tested in hospital settings where it successfully demonstrated its ability to significantly lower microbial loads on surfaces, particularly those directly exposed to the blue light. This confirms its effectiveness in improving hygienic conditions and potentially reducing healthcare-associated infections. The system is scalable and suitable for broader application in various healthcare contexts, making it a promising tool for enhancing patient safety by minimizing the risk of infections.

MedicalValues (Germany)

About the solution: About the Solution: AI diagnostic support for geriatrics
The Solution is an AI diagnostic support system for geriatrics, aiming to enhance outpatient care efficiency and address caregiver shortages. Through collaboration with Diakonie Baden / EAH St. Georgen, the project focuses on developing a unified app to facilitate collaborative task management among professional and informal caregivers. Despite challenges such as technical issues and complex user interfaces, the pilot phase is rated successful. Plans for scalability include expanding to other regions and countries, leveraging existing networks and partnerships. Mentoring and participation in demonstration events have played pivotal roles in the project’s progress, emphasizing the potential for sustainable improvements in care structures.

Minudoc (Estonia)

About the Solution
: Personalised dashboard for strengthening employee mental resilience
The Solution named “My Wellbeing Profile,” was designed to bridge the gap in mental health support within the North Estonian Regional Hospital (PERH), addressing a significantly underserved employee segment.
The dashboard provides employees with an individualized psychological profile through a mental wellbeing radar chart and index, suggesting specific tools and applications tailored to their needs. Features include mindfulness and meditation exercises, as well as audio moments, aiming to enhance engagement and mental resilience.
The product was tested with 480 employees, achieving high engagement and satisfaction. It demonstrated substantial ROI and received positive feedback for its effectiveness in addressing mental health needs efficiently. This solution proved scalable and adaptable, with plans to integrate it into broader organizational health initiatives.

Zana Technologies (Germany)

About the Solution
: Digital patient companion for at-home rehabilitation in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
The Solution is a digital patient companion designed for at-home rehabilitation in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). It integrates digital technology to support individuals with COPD in managing their condition and undergoing rehabilitation from the comfort of their homes. It  includes features such as personalized exercise programs, monitoring of vital signs and symptoms, educational resources, and  communication channels with healthcare providers for remote guidance and support. Overall, this solution aims to enhance accessibility, convenience, and effectiveness of COPD rehabilitation while empowering patients to take an active role in their care.

Smart City sector

Local Food (Bulgaria)

About the Solution
: Local Food Kidz
Local Food Kidz is a blockchain-based platform designed to improve transparency and sustainability in food procurement for schools and kindergartens. It operates on the Corda platform, making it both lightweight and compatible with existing procurement systems. The platform caters to various stakeholders, including food organizers, teachers, kids and their families, and regional and municipal bodies, offering features such as menu planning, educational tools about food sources, and detailed reporting on food sustainability efforts. Key functionalities added during the pilot include menu search capabilities, quality tracking in line with local standards, photo uploads, detailed ingredient listings, and enhanced delivery tracking with QR codes. Local Food Kidz is scalable and ready for broader application, aimed at increasing transparency and sustainability in public food services.

Everyrun (Estonia)

About the Solution: Virtual Runs
Virtual Runs is a contemporary take on traditional running events, offering participants the flexibility to complete races remotely. Participants can run, jog, or walk a specified distance at their own pace and location, utilizing technology like fitness apps to track their progress. Despite the physical distance, Virtual Runs foster community engagement through online platforms and social media, with customizable themes adding a personalized touch. The flexibility and accessibility of Virtual Runs accommodate busy schedules and geographical constraints, appealing to a broader audience. Participants are motivated by rewards such as medals or certificates upon completion, enhancing the sense of accomplishment. Overall, Virtual Runs represent an inclusive and modern approach to running events, leveraging technology to overcome barriers while promoting community and achievement.

Owners Partners (Spain)

About the Solution: QUICK
QUICK is a smart charging station designed to support the integration of electric personal mobility vehicles (ePMV), such as e-bikes, into urban environments. The stations are equipped with innovative features including lockers with UV disinfection systems and air quality monitoring capabilities. Additionally, the stations incorporate solar panels on protective shelters to enhance energy sustainability. The system includes a user-friendly mobile app for end-users and a web app for city managers, allowing for efficient management and monitoring of station usage. QUICK’s design is scalable and adaptable, making it suitable for expansion and replication in various urban settings to promote sustainable mobility.

Greencent (Germany)

About the Solution: Greencent: monetize your CO2 savings
The Solution is a digital reward system designed to encourage eco-friendly transportation choices. Integrated within the Limo mobility app, it allows users to earn digital currency, called “greencents,” for using sustainable transportation methods such as carpooling, cycling, and public transport. These greencents can then be spent within a marketplace that features offers from local businesses, promoting local economic growth.
The solution was piloted in the Liezen district and achieved its goals by implementing the Greencent reward system and marketplace within the Limo app, recruiting local business partners, and attracting new users. This initiative not only enhanced the attractiveness of eco-friendly mobility but also supported the local economy through partnerships with businesses accepting greencents. The success of the pilot has set the stage for expanding the Greencent system further, indicating its potential scalability and effectiveness in promoting sustainable transportation habits.

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